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About us

How do we operate?

Cutter Solutions was founded as a joint venture of Cutter Systems, Ltd. And Physter Technology Ltd., pursuing the vision to provide customers with up-to-date technologies within back-to-back solutions and follow-up services.


Cutter Systems is a market leading company focusing on development and manufacturing of software and hardware dedicated for localization systems, measuring and access devices operating mainly on RFID technologies.

Management and Development

Physter Technology is an established developer and integrator of robust professional software systems.


Cutter Solutions carries out integration projects utilizing RFID technologies and integrating them into corporate solutions, designs architecture of these complex units, manages project delivery including subsequent operation and support.


The company has become the Official IBM Partner helping the multinational corporation in deliveries for their own customers.


Implemented projects.

We successfully deliver projects in automotive industry, medicine, mining, automation, machine control, military sector and consumer electronics.

ISI - Personal Tracking System for Mining Industry

The system works on the active RFID technology using own wireless network totaly independent on GPS. ISI doesn´t track only persons but also explosives, materials and machines.

Every worker has a special TAG attached to their belts or helmets, which is permanently connected to a wireless network. Worker can call for help or assistance pressing an emergency button. If a worker is inactive for more than three minutes, the system activates alarm for the given worker (TAG). Workers (TAG) and materials can be monitored on the web interface (map) in real time, including many other parameters.

The system has saved many a life and health so far….

The personal tracking system functions on the principle of radio communication between the identification tag placed in the worker´s personal lamp and the reader. Based on the information transmitted by specific tags, identity of miners can be determined and their location can be identified based on course of signal strength in different readers. The system uses pair of readers to determine direction of tag movement.

The software displays all information available on the web interface in real time. It utilizes interactive maps, tables with data and can be easily administrated.

WAS – Worker Active – RFID Safety

The system is designed for worker detection and warning in areas wher their lives and health might be in danger. It helps to increase workman safty in dangerous operations and sites.

Main features:

  • WAS creates two – level zones around a machine, vehicle or technology perimeter.
  • Crossing the specific perimeter and entering the dangerous zone sets off alarm and warns a worker or machine operator.
  • Standard reaction time is 1 sec for one area employing 10 machines and 20 workers.
  • Precision of measuring is less than 1m.


The system requires that every worker wears an identification tag which has to be properly placed on worker´s body so the best radio „visibility“ is secured. Ideal placement seems to be the safty helmet or a pocket in the upper part of the frame above the rib cage. The tag communicates over the RFID technology with the reader that is mounted to the machine, with an antenna placed at the roof of the machine, optimaly in the center of the operation perimeter.

The communication between tags and monitoring application is realized over the LaRaWAN network interface. Of course, private local networks or available public networks operated by connectivity providers can be employed.

Dry Container Tracking and Analytics

It is the system designed for autonomous tracking of containers in real time using custom-made multi-sensor tags connected to mobile networks.


  • No tracking infrastructure requirements
  • Global coverage
  • Two-way communication (incl. tag-to-base)
  • Multiple sensors (temperature, acceleration)
  • Intelligence (in-Tag and in-Cloud)
  • Integration (external data, internal systems)


The hardware unit contains all transmission devices including antenna inside a single case. Communication is provided by a GSM module. The universal module has no territorial and frequency restrictions. The unit is equipped with a single-level mesh networking capability. The mesh network may provide for communication among the units in case one or more units are unable to establish a direct GSM communication. Furthermore, the unit is also equipped with an accelerometer and a thermometer. The accelerometer detects manipulation with the container.

Units send data to Customer´s Cloud Data Storage for further analytics, which may asset tracking optimization, real-time monitoring, fraud, abuse and theft prevention or business automation.


Typhoon IoT Platform.

Typhoon IoT Platform has been designed as a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT operation. The platform is divided into two components: integration layer and e-commerce interface.

Integration Layer

For implementation of the integration layer the robust UNIFY product designed by Physter Technology has been utilized. The system is running in infrastructures of market leading customers operating in the fields of telecommunications or network providers. This layer provides communication interface for IoT devices supplied not only by affiliate company Cutter Systems, but the interface can be easily adapted for the third party IoT device suppliers. Currently, the devices provided by Senzoor have been tested. Additional key feature is the interface for telemetric data transfer from sensors to end customers´ destination information systems or cloud platforms. Interfacing between IBM Watson IoT Platform and the globally operating logistics company is an example of such successful integration. Another important interface is the API accessing processed data enabling to connect monitoring and administration systems. This interface was used to connect our IoT Panel within the e-commerce solution.

Integration layer provides even more basic services. The most relevant one is the warning management which enables sending of warnings received from IoT devices to appointed system administrator by means of email or SMS. Additional services are in development, such as an analytic module for telemetric data evaluation (individual or in pre-defined context, etc.)

E-commerce interface

E-commerce interface is a comprehensive web application enabling purchase or renting of different types of devices or services. Important component within user´s environment is the IoT Panel providing access to IoT devices. Besides the basic operation services, the system offers different generic or custom dashboards. Different dashboards can be adjusted for specific IoT devices and business fields, for example logistics, worker safety, hospitality industry, auto repair shops, medication storage, etc.